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Professor of Music, Emeritus, Occidental College
Music Faculty, Crossroads School


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Workshops for "Improvisation Saturday" at MTNA convention, Chicago (Mar.22)

Faculty Recital, Crossroads School (February 24,  2 pm)
Seminar at Showa Conservatory, Japan (June 18-29)
    Prof. Terashima's 1st year class A, class B2nd year class A, class B, class C
    Prof. Umemoto's
1st year class A, class BProf. Okudaira's 1st year class; 4th year class (and Prof. Moroi)
    Prof. Morisaki's 3rd year classProf. Moroi's 4th year class
    English class 
    Workshop   Workshop   Party   Party (4th year students)      After-Party Party
(Profs. Hojo, Nishiyama, Grayson, Morisaki)   
Concert, lecture and workshop, National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy, Chicago (July 25-27)

Faculty Recital, Crossroads School (March 4,  2 pm)
Seminar and concert at Showa Conservatory, Japan (June 12-22)
    Prof. Umemoto's class     Prof. Morisaki's class   American Music Lecture
    Prof. Terashima's class (w/Prof. Nishiyama)   Prof. Kosai's English class    RG handbook for Prof. Hojo
    concert rehearsal   post-concert party   post-concert party
Japan Society for Music Expression workshop, Yamanashi Univ. (June 23)
Master Classes at Hanoi Conservatory of Music, Vietnam (June 26-27)
    Hanoi National Conservatory    Prof. Minh’s introduction    Profs. Minh, Agata and Grayson in Hanoi
    Dinner after the class    Yamaha School in Hanoi    Hanoi street scene
Presentation at the International Electronic Keyboard Development Conference, Guangzhou, China (Nov. 19-23)
    Poster    Group photo 

Faculty Recital, Crossroads School (February 27,  2 pm)
Seminar and concert at Showa Conservatory, Japan (June 8-19)
    Prof. Okudaira's class     Prof. Nishiyama's students     Prof. Terashima's class     Prof. Umemoto's class    
    Prof. Agata and students     Piano profs. Mori, Eguchi and Koike     Profs. Nori, Fumiko and English class
    Prof. Terashima's 4th year students+Prof. Okudaira     Sakai san and Profs. Moroi and Mazen    After-concert party
Seminars at Xinghai Conservatory and Guangzhou University, China (June 20-23)
    Xinghai conservatory, Profs.Xie, Jang, Agata et al        Students        
Piano teachers          Seminar with students    
    Seminar with students      All the participants       Guanzhou Univ. musical insts. museum     Newly created "Chinese-European cello"    

Faculty Recital, Crossroads School (February 28,  2 pm)
Seminar and concert at Showa Conservatory, Japan (June 8-17)
    Electr. Mus. Insts. Class   Prof. Morisaki's Class   Prof. Nishiyama's Class
    Prof. Hojo's Class #1   Prof. Hojo's Class #2   Prof. Kaizu's Class
    With Prof. Moroi   With Prof. Eguchi and Mr. Shimoyagawa (grandson of Showa founder)
    Concert (Bach Hpschd Conc)    Concert (Ensemble piece)  After-concert party

Faculty Recital, Crossroads School (March 8,  5 pm)
Seminars and concert at Showa Conservatory, Japan (June 10-20) Concert
        Classroom Photo; Concert; Farewell Party; Susan & Richard
Seminars and concerts at Shanghai Conservatory, China (June 23-25)
    RG Kbd seminar; RG presentation; Shanghai Conservatory; Lunch with Faculty;
    Concert Ensemble Piece; After the Concert; Hotel Lobby; Old Shanghai

Faculty Recital, Crossroads School (March 2,  5 pm)
Seminar at Tunghai University, Taiwan, (June 30-July 1)
Seminar at Showa Conservatory, Japan (June 30-July 12) Final Concert (July 12)
Yamaha JOC Summer Music Camp faculty, Biola Univ. (July 24-26)

Faculty Recital, Crossroads School (March 11,  5 pm)
Seminar at Showa Conservatory, Japan (June 20-29)
1stYearStudents   1stYearStudents   2ndYearStudents   Party    Party   Party   Party
Yamaha JOC Summer Music Camp faculty, Biola Univ. (July 26-28)
Improvisation seminar for Showa Conservatory students (Aug. 26-Aug.31), Yamaha Music Center, Irvine
Lunch@RG    Organ seminar    In class   Lunch: Eri, Asaka, Yuri, Mai S.   Lunch: Richard, Kyle, Sachiko, Steve     At the Hotel   
        Rehearsal: Nana, Mai K., Richard,  Satomi (pianist), Eri, Yuri)     Grieg Piano Concerto: Shizuka, Kaori, Julie (pianist), Satomi, Asaka, Ayaka)      
        After the Concert

Yamaha Passport to Music Course, Crystal Cruise (Jan4-10)
Faculty Recital, Crossroads School (March 19,  5 pm)
Seminar at Showa Conservatory, Japan (June 20-30)   In class with 3rd year students    Party with 4th year students
Improvisation seminar for Showa Conservatory students (Aug. 27-Sept. 1), Yamaha Music Center, Irvine
         Lunch@RG    Lunch
@RG    Church    Irvine Seminar    Concert

Recital for Westside LA Philharmonic women's group (Jan.19)
Faculty Recital, Crossroads School (Feb.27,  5 pm)
Improvisation seminar for Showa Conservatory students (Aug.20-25), Yamaha HQ, Buena Pk.

Lecture-recital, RCSC, Huntington Museum (Feb.20)
Improvisation concert, Crossroads School, Roth Hall (April 18)
Moorpark Symphony Concert (May 7)
Yamaha Passport to Music Course, Crystal Cruise (June 23-July 5)
TEDMED conference, Charleston, SC (Oct.13)

MTAC concert, San Gabriel chapter (Jan.10)

Chanson recital with Marie Devellereaux, soprano, Alliance Française (Mar.21)
Improvisation concert, Crossroads School (April 13)
Noon concert at Our Lady of the Angels cathedral  (June 18)
MTAC State Convention, Santa Clara (July 4-5)
MTAC concert, Orange Cities chapter (Sept.17)
Sundays at 6 pm concert at Bing Auditorium, LACMA, broadcast live on KMZT-FM (Oct.19)

Pasadena City College
Piano Master Class, Colburn School (Feb.23)
Iolani School, Honolulu (Mar.7)
Punahou School, Honolulu (Mar.8)
MTAC (Music Teachers' Association of California) State Convention, Riverside (June 23)
Coronado (San Diego) Public Library  (Sept.20)
UCLA performance class (Oct.16)
CalTech performance class (Oct.30) excerpt

San Francisco University HS (Nov.15)

UCLA, Tufts University, Dartmouth College, Cal Tech, CSU Northridge, CSU Los Angeles
Armand Hammer Museum, San Francisco University HS,
Los Angeles County Museum of Art (Sept.30)
World Music Days, Yokohama, Japan (Oct.9)    photo from concert

Oxy Concert32nd and last Annual Classical Improvisation and Live Electronic Music Concert
Saturday, March 31, 2001, 8 pm, THORNE HALL, OCCIDENTAL COLLEGE--Admission Free
Featuring the Occidental-Caltech Orchestra, the Occidental-Foothill Master Chorale
       and new Visual-Electronic works by Prof. Grayson

Richard's compositions on YouTube:

Coventry Carol-strings & oboe score                    Download Coventry Carol score
Mr. 528 (2012 version)
Mr. 528 (original version, 1994)
Meadow Music (piano solo)                                  Download Meadow Music score                
Rain part 1  (visual-electronic)
Rain part 2  (visual-electronic)
Homage to Bach (short version)
Homage to Bach (longer version)
Rocky Road Ripple (visual-electronic)
Fantasy on Broadway Boogie Woogie
Reveries (for Yamaha HX-1 electronic organ)      Download Reveries score  
St. John Passion (soloists, chorus and organ)         Download St. John Passion score   

Download full scrollable visual score to "Fantasy on Broadway Boogie Woogie"
    Save file to your hard drive. 
            Windows opens with "Paint" (allow time for file to convert)
            Macintosh opens with GifConverter (available at:

Meadow Music (piano solo) score
Complete score of "Reveries" for Yamaha HX-1

Reviews from the Los Angeles Times

Reviews from the National Conference on Piano Pedagogy (1994)

RG's electronic pieces  featured at Antheil festival in November, 1999
The Concert
Review from the Boston Globe
Review by Mark Lutton from online Mechanical Music Digest
RG pieces from Antheil festival on CD     AMP review of CD

Short Biography

Curriculum vitae

Screen shots from RG's Visual-Electronic pieces
Rocky Road Ripple
Mr. 528
Fantasy on Broadway Boogie Woogie #1
    Fantasy on BBW#2
    Fantasy on BBW#3
    Fantasy on BBW#4
Listen for the Bell #1
    Listen for the Bell #2
    Listen for the Bell #3
    Listen for the Bell #4
Off Broadway #1
    Off Broadway #2
    Off Broadway #3
    Off Broadway #4

Video excerpt from "Fantasy on Broadway Boogie Woogie"    (requires RealPlayer: )
Video excerpt from "Rocky Road Ripple"
Video excerpt from "Listen for the Bell"
Video excerpt from "Off Broadway"